Survey Design

Surveys are used to collect data from users about their current situation, such as physical symptoms, emotions, and various experiences through the day.

Different question types allow the user to enter free text, numbers, or true/false values.

Additionally, users can select one or many items for a list, or items on a sliding Likert scale.

Questions also exist to allow complex data types, including dates,times and locations that can be used to personalise the app experience.

If you have created user attributes, then you can store the answers to certain questions in these attributes. This allows an application to be tailored to the user, and is explained in the Attributes section of the guide.

Some question types (such as Likert scale questions and multi-choice questions) require you to fill in additional options, as shown below.

Jeeves survey questions allow for conditional branching (asking questions based on answers to previous questions). For example, questions can be asked based on previous Likert scale values, or on the user’s selected multi-choice option.


Questions that are linked like this are coloured and indented: